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Interior-Design-Brookline-MA-028Karin Mahdavi has been helping clients recognize and realize their home renovation dreams for over ten years.  Preparing to renovate or build involves having a good architect and a good builder, but beyond the intersection of their expertise there is a need for someone to have a vision that extends past construction drawings.

All projects involve a dazzling array of decisions about color and tile, lighting fixtures and placement, counter material, bath fixtures, cabinet and door hardware, furniture placement, soft furnishings; the list can seem endless.

Most people come to a project with a few ideas about what they want, but have no experience turning those ideas into a fully realized vision for their homes. Some clients come in wanting to renovate around something specific: unique glass tile, hand woven tapestries, or a grandfather’s painting. Other’s come to Karin wanting a house that “feels contemporary but classic” but don’t have a clear sense how to achieve that aesthetic.

Karin can help. With KM Design involved early in the design process, the client’s vision is developed and realized, creating spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional and timeless.